Payment methods

For security reasons credit cards are only acceptable at our online-shop.
While ordering by mail, phone or fax, we can offer paypal and prepayment.

: VISA or MasterCard (international - only at our online-shop)
Convenient and fast. Your item will shipped immediately.

PAYPAL (international)
Convenient and fast. Your item will shipped immediately.
Our PayPal account ( is: (email address)

PREPAYMENT (international)
Please transfer the total amount shown on your order confirmation within 10 days to our bank account. Please also transmit your order number and your name, if you are not the account holder. After we have received the payment your goods will shipped.

The bank account details of dr. reinwald healthcare are:
Postbank Karlsruhe
IBAN DE79660100750000985753

Privacy Note: The instant payment per credit card or paypal is processed through the payment interface of Wirecardbank. The Wirecardbank is BaFin-certified and guarantees the security and confidentiality of your banking and card data, to which no one can access, not even our company.