The VitalWave ® Micro Energy Therapy System

Consultation, supply, instruction and aftercare

With the VitalWave ® we have recently launched the latest Micro Energy Therapy System onto the market and have also further developed the basic regulatory applications.

Thanks to many years of practical experience at our own natural health practices as well as in constructive exchange with a number of colleagues, we have acquired a broad overview of the market and extensive product knowledge. When selecting our portfolio, we look for products displaying convincing benefits and a leading position.

See the difference for yourself and consider VitalWave ®, the new-generation MET system. The VitalWave ® system is a groundbreaking development using market-leading technology.

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The information contained herein is aimed exclusively at doctors and therapists working in the field of micro-currents/micro-energy research. Transmission of this information to other therapists and private persons is not permitted.

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Approved according to the German Medicinal Devices Act (MPG), Class II a

The VitalWave ® system represents the latest developments in the field of micro-energy therapy systems. All models are approved according to MPG, Class II a (the German Medicinal Devices Act).  The manufacturer is certified by MedCert according to ISO 13485.

Legal notice: We would like to expressly point out that the methods and systems listed here, as well as their effects, are not currently recognised in conventional medicine.

VitalWave ® MET System

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